Get a Virtual Second Opinion on a Root Canal or Endodontic Treatment

For Dentists

Are you a family dentist practicing in a smaller community or remote area? Do you lack regular access to an endodontist?

Now with Dr. Wolfson's SECOND OPINION, you can quickly gain virtual access to a certified specialist in endodontics. As a result, you can offer more immediate care and treatment to your patients and provide a more complete range of endodontic treatments in your own office.
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For Patients

Have you recently been told that you require a root canal and are unsure of the procedure and what is involved? Or have you had a root canal in the past, but the tooth and/or a part of your mouth is still painful or sensitive?

Now with Dr. Wolfson's SECOND OPINION, you can get a quick professional second opinion about your situation and the recommended next step.
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Purchase a Second Opinion

The cost is $100 Canadian Please press the PayPal button to proceed to purchase the second opinion.

As part of the Second Opinion questionnaire, you will be asked to provide up to four x-rays. It is important to understand the quality of images that are required.
Please read the instructions on digital images

Note: When you complete and submit the questionnaire, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. It is vital that you save this until Dr. Wolfson has completed his consultation and sent you his written report.